Diono Rainier vs Pacifica Similarities & Differences

You may consider Diono Rainier and Pacifica when you are looking for convertible car seat. Both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica are introduced by Diono as convertible car seat. You can find several similarities between Diono Rainier and Pacifica, while for sure you can find few differences as well. I’m sure that you are interested to know more about the similarities and differences of those two convertible car seats if you consider them as your next car seat. Which of them is the one that you should choose? Let’s talk about that on this review.

What are Their Similarities?

Before We talk more about the similarities of Diono Rainier and Pacifica, let’s talk a look at their table of similarities below.

Diono Rainier Diono Pacifica
Brand Diono Diono
Car Seat Type Convertible car seat Convertible Car Seat
Recommended Weight 5-120 Pounds 5-120 Pounds
5-point harness YES YES
Extended Rear Facing 5-50 Pounds 5-50 Pounds
Forward-Facing 20-90 Pounds 20-90 Pounds
Booster Mode 50-120 Pounds 50-120 Pounds
Full Steel Frame YES YES
Aluminium reinforced sides YES YES
Folds Flat YES YES
SuperLATCH Installation YES YES
Extra-deep sidewalls YES YES
Rear-facing tether YES YES
Cup Holder Included (1) Included (1)
Space Saving Design YES YES
Diono Rainier

Diono Rainier

We can see a number of similarities between Diono Rainier and Pacifica from the table above. Let’s talk more about those similarities together.

1. Convertible Car Seat

Both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica come as convertible car seat that can be used for 5-120 pounds kids. It can be used as extended rear facing with 5-point harness for 5-50 pounds infant, forward-facing with 5-point harness for 20-90 pounds toddler and used in booster mode for 50-120 pounds older child.

2. Full Steel Frame with EPS Foam

Diono Rainier and Pacifica are both using Full Steel Frame. It also comes with aluminium reinforced sides and completed with EPS energy absorbing foam. With that combination, you can be sure that both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica can provide strength and safety.

3. Folds Flat

Both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica can be folded flat. With the ability to folds flat, both of those car seats can be easily stored and brought during traveling.

4. SuperLATCH Installation

SuperLATCH Installation is implemented on both Rainier and Pacifica, SuperLATCH Installation provides easily, strong and secure installation. There’s also audible click and visual indicator that give you peace of mind that the connectors are properly connected.

5. Rear Facing Tether

Rear Facing Tether is special feature that you can’t find in every car seat. This feature is available in both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica. Rear Facing Tether helps prevent seat rotation during an impact. It’s an additional protection especially when the car seat used as rear-facing seat for your child.

6. Cup Holder

Both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica comes with cup holder. This feature is quiet important to provide the child with their favorite drink within their hand reach. Both of Diono Rainier and Pacifica comes with 1 cup holder on the side of the car seat.

7. Space Saving Design

Space saving design is implemented on both Diono Rainier and Pacifica. With space saving design, there’re still space for passenger on the vehicle’s seat. There’s still a passenger sitting space when you place 2 Rainier or Pacifica car seat on the vehicle’s middle seat, and there are still 2 passengers sitting space when you install only 1 Rainier or Pacifica in the center of the vehicle’s middle seat.

What are Their Differences?

After discussing the similarities of Diono Rainier and Pacifica, now let’s talk about their differences. But firstly, let’s take a look at the difference table below.

Diono Rainier Diono Pacifica
12-position head support YES NO
Price Higher Lower
Diono Pacifica

Diono Pacifica

After looking the difference table above, now let’s talk more about those differences.

1. 12-Position head support

Diono Raininer comes with additional 12-position adjustable head support. This feature is additional safety feature that complete the other safety features such as extra-deep sidewalls, aluminium reinforced sides and energy absorbing EPS Foam. With 12-position adjustable head support, the kid get advanced protection on the head area.

2. Price

Diono Rainier is positioned as the higher model than Pacifica from our previous discussion. So We can easily guess that It’s offered at the higher price. But, Diono Pacifica is no longer available at this time.

Summary : Which Diono Convertible Car Seat to Choose?

We have talked about Diono Rainier and Pacifica. They are both convertible car seats from Diono that can be used as rear-facing, forward facing and booster mode. They also come with almost similar features such as Steel frame, extra-deep sidewalls, aluminium reinforced sides and energy absorbing EPS foam. Additionally Diono Rainier that comes as the higher model comes with additional 12-position adjustable head support to complete the safety features. With additional 12-positioned adjustable head support, I’m quite sure that It’s worth the price difference since you can get more advanced head protection for your kid with additional head support on Diono Rainier.

Diono Pacifica, in the other hand, is almost identical model to Diono Rainier with less head support. If you think that your budget is quite limited, you can consider Diono Pacifica as your option. Although It comes without any head support, a number of customers are still satisfied with their Diono Pacifica.