Recaro Roadster vs ProRIDE Review

If you are looking for convertible car seat from Recaro, then Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE are two models that may come to your mind. As two convertible car seats introduced by Recaro, you can find there are some similarities between Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE. Is there any significant difference between them? Let’s answer that question on this article. First, let’s talk about Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE then We will talk about their differences. We hope that this review can help you decide which of them is the one that you should choose for your next convertible car seat.

What You should Know about Recaro Roadster?

Recaro Roadster

Recaro Roadster

Recaro Roadster comes as convertible car seat for children with 5-65 pounds weight. As convertible car seat, Recaro Roadster can be used in rear-facing mode and forward-facing mode. Rear-facing mode is intended for children with 5-40 lbs weight, while forward-facing mode can be used for children with 20-65 pounds weight. Recaro Roadster comes with HERO Technology that give more protection for the kids by placing shoulder pads to prevent harness twisting while keep the child comfort on the car seat. Recaro Roadster comes with full-body and strong structure advanced side impact protection that inspired by racing protection that meet and exceed the standard of the industry. Recaro Roadster also comes with removable cup holder that can be attached on both of the armrest.

How the customers commented on their Recaro Roadster? Most of them love their Recaro Roadster. The customers mostly said that this is easy to install while It’s well made with quality materials. A customer even said that this car seat is also easy to be installed on airplane. The customers also said that this car seat is safe, while their kids are also comfortable and love their car seat as well. You can find out more what the customers talked about their Recaro Roadster on…

What You should Know about Recaro ProRIDE?

Recaro ProRIDE

Recaro ProRIDE

Recaro ProRIDE is currently more popular model that Recaro Roadster. It’s also intended for 5-65 lbs kids. Recaro ProRIDE comes with two modes, rear-facing mode and forward-facing mode. Rear-facing mode with internal harness is for infant with 5-40 pounds weight, while forward-facing mode is intended for children with 20-65 pounds weight. Recaro ProRide comes with racing-inspired side impact protection that protect mainly 5 main vulnerable part of the kids (head, face, neck, torso and pelvis). It’s also completed with comfortable features such as ergonomic shell structure that offers support for your child during short or long trip. You can also find soft pads on the harness system that make it more comfortable.

Recaro ProRIDE is quite popular as the customers’ choice for convertible (rear-facing to forward-facing) car seat. From the customers’ ratings, we can find that most of the customers are satisfied with this car seat. Most of them said that this car seat is easy to install, although few of them said It takes more time to install this car seat. The customers also said that this car seat is well-made, sturdy and secure, even few of them have already proved that during an accident and their children are safe. The customers are also reported that this car seat is comfortable for their kids. Do you want to know more about Recaro ProRIDE from the customers’ perspective? You can read more customers’ feedback about Recaro ProRIDE on…

Comparison Table

Knowing the specs of Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE is important if we want to talk more about their differences. The key specs and features of Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE can be found on the the table below.

Recaro Roadster Recaro ProRIDE
Brand Recaro Recaro
Car Seat Type Convertible Car Seat Convertible Car Seat
Weight Recommendation 5-65 Pounds 5-65 Pounds
Rear-Facing Mode 5-40 Pounds 5-40 Pounds
Forward-Facing Mode 20-65 Pounds 20-65 Pounds
Racing Inspired Side Impact Protection YES YES
EasyAdjust Headrest and Harness YES YES
Dual Air Flow Comfort System YES YES
Removable cushion insert YES YES
Built-in LATCH system YES YES
TrueLock belt lock-off (forward-facing) YES YES
Twist-resistant HERO technology YES NO
Cloud comfort memory foam YES NO
Removable cup holder YES NO
Price Check Price on Check Price on

Differences of Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE

From the table above, We can find there are few differences between Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE. Let’s talk more about their differences together.

1. Twist-Resistant HERO Technology

Recaro Roadster comes with the patented twist-resistant HERO technology. This technology prevent the harness twisting while improving comfort of the car seat. Twist-resistant HERO is new technology that you can’t find on the older Recaro ProRIDE

2. Cloud comfort Memory foam

Cloud comfort memory foam give extra comfort for the kids while They are travelling in short or longer distance. This feature is combined with ergonomic shell structure and removable cushion insert. Ergonomic shell structure and removable cushion insert are installed on both of Recaro Roadster and ProRIDE, while cloud comfort memory foam is the newer feature that you can find on Recaro Roadster that comes as the newer model.

3. Removable Cup Holder

To give the kids easier access to their favorite drinks, you can find removable cup holder attached on Recaro Roadster. This small features is not available on Recaro ProRIDE.

Is Recaro Roadster a Better Choice?

Recaro Roadster is the newer model than Recaro ProRIDE. We can also call Roadster as the new model of ProRIDE since We can find a number of similarities between those two car seats. Recaro Roadster comes with few improvements from ProRIDE. You can find additional Twist-resistant HERO technology installed on Recaro Roadster to give more protection for the kids, while It also comes with additional Cloud comfort memory foam to make the car seat become more comfortable. Removable cup holder is also attached on the new Recaro Roadster to give the kid easier access to their drinks. With additional HERO technology, Cloud comfort memory foam and removable cup holder, while Recaro Roadster is commonly similar in price to Recaro ProRIDE. So It’s good idea for us to choose the new Recaro Roadster that comes with improvements from the Recaro ProRIDE while It’s offered at similar price. Where should you order one? You can order Recaro Roadster from…

Recaro ProRIDE is the older model that doesn’t come with few additional features installed on the newer Recaro Roadster. But basically Recaro ProRIDE is still an excellent car seat as what the customers said on their reviews. You can consider Recaro ProRIDE when It’s offered at quite significant lower price than Recaro Roadster. Where you can check today’s price of Recaro ProRIDE? You can check today’s price of Recaro ProRIDE from…